Indian Journal of Urology
: 2002  |  Volume : 18  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 172--173

Urethral cancer in a patient on CIC: A case report

Ajay Kanbur, Arundhati Kanbur, Nisar Ansari 
 Department of Urology & Internal Medicine, Shivneri Hospital, Thane, India

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Ajay Kanbur
Shivneri Hospital, Agra Road, Thane - 400 602

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Kanbur A, Kanbur A, Ansari N. Urethral cancer in a patient on CIC: A case report.Indian J Urol 2002;18:172-173

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Kanbur A, Kanbur A, Ansari N. Urethral cancer in a patient on CIC: A case report. Indian J Urol [serial online] 2002 [cited 2022 May 20 ];18:172-173
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 Case Report

A 73-year-old male presented with narrow stream and a perineal wound. Following a TURP (1992), he underwent optical urethrotomy for bulbar stricture (1996) and was on a short-term CIC using Tiemann catheter. He had a left ne­phrectomy scar (1998). He continued CIC whenever his stream worsened, without consulting his physician.

Five months ago, he developed a perineal abscess, re­quiring surgical drainage. Soon, a sinus developed but failed to heal despite medication and suprapubic cysto­stomy. Within fifteen days of diversion, a fungating mass replaced the sinus [Figure 1] with palpable left inguinal node.

Biopsy of sinus edge and FNAC of node revealed a well­differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Fistulogram re­vealed an irregular tract leading to a distorted bulb [Figure 2]. Haemogram, Chest X-rays and abdominal CT scans were normal.

Cystoscopy revealed an irregular hard expanded bulb, with leakage of irrigant through the sinus. Bladder could not be entered.

Patient refused radical surgery, and opted local exci­sion with life-long suprapubic catheter. At operation, the bulbar mass, extending into left ischio-rectal fossa was excised. Proximal bulb was disconnected. Histology con­firmed squamous cell carcinoma with metaplasia in sur­rounding urethra.


Primary male urethral cancers are rare, three-fourths be­ing squamous cell carcinoma. [1] They masquerade as peri­neal abscesses. [2] Medline search of a possible association of long term CIC and urethral cancer yielded no results. In our case, precise duration of CIC is unknown and, re­peated trauma is probably responsible. Males on long-term CIC should be observed for possible signs of urethral can­cers.


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